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Be a part of the opening of Washington Creek Distillery! This is the Founder's Barrel! There will be a maximum of 60 of these available! After your deposit is made, we will fill your barrel with your choice of Washington Creek's whiskey (Sour Mash, Bourbon or Rye) and put your name on a brass tag that will be nailed to the barrel.


The barrel will reside at the distillery, you can come see it and sample your whiskey while it ages. You'll get first hand experience seeing how a whiskey ages in an authentic brand new American white oak medium char barrel. When you and I think that your whiskey is fully matured to your liking, we'll bottle it up and you get to take home approximately 10 bottles and the barrel.


It can take 8-12 months to full mature, so you'll have plenty of time to sample and enjoy the experience of being within the distillery. Your generous purchase will help us through the initial stages of opening a new business.


Please don't wait! With a VERY limited number of these barrels being available, they WILL go fast!

Founder's Barrel (Deposit)

SKU: founder
  • Alcohol taxes will be collected at the time that we bottle your whiskey to take home. This is a deposit on the barrel and whiskey, no additional fees beyond the taxes will be collected.

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