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Bourbon and Whiskey



Carefully aged 4 years in a white oak barrel. Our bourbon is sweet and smooth, highlighting the corn and vanilla from the oak. It's also a bit savory & spicey. This is a fine choice to drink straight up, on the rocks or in an Old Fashion.


White Dog

Are you looking for something that is truly Washington Creek unique? This is it! Our very own first production of our Bourbon, but we can't call it that as it hasn't been aged in an oak barrel yet. With our aging kit, you can take you shot at making your own mature whiskey!

Orange Cocktail

Rye Whiskey

Made with 95% rye malt and aged for 7 years, be prepared for an exceptional spirit! A very forward whiskey with pepper and earthy tones stands out with heavy notes of spice, smoke and oak. This goes very well in a Manhattan or a Sazerac! 


Here are our fine spirits that will be available at our tasting room


Sometimes you need something a bit different than a whiskey.

Vodka Soda


6 time distilled corn vodka. Smooth and buttery, the perfect mixer for your cocktail. This will lighten your senses and enhance your choice of drinks!

Cocktail in Bar

Strawberry Vodka

With a smell of a mature brandy and a flavor of fresh strawberries picked today. Our Strawberry Vodka will blow you away! It's very sweet and goes incredibly well with soda water or over the top of vanilla ice cream!


Elderberry Brandy

This is something that we are incredibly excited about! Inspired by the wild growing Elderberry plants in eastern Washington, this brandy has a strong smell and taste of anise. A very refreshing a savory choice to drink straight or with tonic!

Cocktail Drinks


This is where it gets fun!

Apple Pie

Grandma's Apple Pie

There's nothing more American than Apple Pie! However, ours comes in a bottle! The smell and flavor will take you back years in time, to the best apple pie you've ever had! Be careful thought! Bring a bottle to a party or share it around the campfire!

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